Harmonious Homestead
Connecting Farms & Families In Central Ohio


Putting Culture Back in Agriculture

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Harmonious Homestead is the effort of Rachel Tayse and collaborators to revive and expand sustainable farming. 

An idealist since birth, Rachel believes that nourishing food comes from restorative growing practices. She finds power in diversity, strength in following nature's lead, and beauty in wild edges. 

The characters on Harmonious Homestead include Lil, Rachel's eleven-year-old unschooled daughter, cats Nightshade and Opal, a flock of backyard chickens, and friends and family patient with Rachel's propensity for earthy fun. Read the Stories section for more about life on the homestead.

Reach Out

Rachel loves helping others do what makes them thrive. Fill out the contact form at right to ask a question or start a conversation about your idea. 

Additionally, you can contact Rachel at 614.598.3559 or racheletayse@gmail.com. 

Watch the Events Calendar for upcoming tours, workshops, and classes.

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