Harmonious Homestead
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Foraged & Sown is the market farm co-located on Harmonious Homestead property. We sell herbs, berries, and wild-foraged items at the Clintonville Farmers Market.

foraged and sown herb bundles
pawpaws in bowl

Foraged & Sown is the flavor farm co-located on Harmonious Homestead and two other properties in the North Linden neighborhood of central Ohio.

We sell sustainably-raised herbs, berries, and central-Ohio foraged edibles like ramps, pawpaws, wild greens, and acorns at the Clintonville Farmers' Market and to select chefs.

In 2016, Foraged & Sown was awarded a Value-added Producer Grant from the USDA to expand our tea, salt blend, and jam products. In 2017, we became certified organic.

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