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The Beginning

On our way home from a Xmas lunch today, Alex and I were discussing the globalization of trade, especially food trade. We already make efforts to eat locally by participating in a Columbus area Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and shopping our local co-op grocery store. We buy durable goods from ethical businesses and limit our purchases to things we 'need' as much as we can. What's left to do to limit our resource footprint?

I just read the book Plenty, an account of two writers who challenge themselves to eat only food grown and produced within 100 miles of their home. I know we can't do that because it would require too much time and the few healthy foods our toddler will eat (bananas and cranberries) come from far far away.

"What if we pledge to only drink US made alcohol in 2008?" I suggested. We each have a drink or two most every day, so this change wouldn't be insignificant. We started talking varietals: "We would have California, New York, and Ohio wines." "Does anyone make gin in the US?" "Can we make our own gin?" "There's always PBR." Finally, Alex said, "I like this idea."

We talked about a few 'rules' for the challenge:
1) What's in our liquor cabinet on January 1 can be used anytime throughout the year, domestic or not.
2) If traveling (Alex travels in foreign countries frequently) drink products produced in the host country.
3) Do without alcohol if we are in a situation without a domestic option.

We have a few days of 2007 left. I'll surely drink a few margaritas - we can't think of a US tequila substitute yet. When the year turns we'll start updating this blog with our domestic finds, recipes, and adventures.