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The Current Bar

One of our rules is that what is in our liquor cabinet at the beginning of the year is fair game for drinking, even if it is foreign. Here is everything we start with, with links provided for the unusual or highly recommended:

The Little Black Book of Cocktails by Virginia Reynolds
Cocktail shaker
Selection of shot glasses
Plastic flask
Small pocket flask
SIGG stainless steel flask/bottle
Wooden muddler
Wooden reamer
Beer bottle opener (wall mount, hand held, and Homer Simpson voiced)
Wine bottle openers (lots because we can't take them through airport security and are constantly buying them on trips away from home...but our opinion of the TSA is another topic...)

White Rum (foreign generic)
Bombay Gin (England)
Bulleit Bourbon (Kentucky USA)
Sauza Tequila (Mexico)
Vermouth (France)
Tuaca Liquor (Italy)
McClelland's Single Malt Scotch (Scotland)
Paul Masson Brandy (Kentucky USA, home flavored with orange peel to resemble Grand Mariner)
Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch (Scotland)
Blue Curacao (Ohio USA)
Skyy Vodka (California USA)
Feist Madeira (Portugal)
Rain Vodka (Illinois USA, home flavored with ginger, orange and lemon)
Angostura Bitters (Trinidad)
Pinnacle Vodka (France)
G.E. Massenez Framboise Sauvage Wild Raspberry Brandy (France)
Kahlua (Mexico)

Hoshi Sake (California)
Ozeki Sake (California)
Gnarly Head 2006 Old Vine Zin (California)
Razor's Edge 2005 Shiraz (Australia)
Merum 2005 Monastrell (Spain)
Mo's Strawberry Wine (home brewed by a friend of foreign and domestic fruits)
Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (New Zeland) Mixed at Camelot cellars by Alex's parents
Sula Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc (India)

Lindeman's Rasberry Frambroise (Belgium)
Chimay Cinq Cents (France)
La Fin Du Monde (Canada)
Michelob Ultra Amber (USA) my mama's favorite

Homemade Grenadine (California?? Pomegranates)
Homemade Sours Mix (Florida sugar and lemons)
Creme De Menthe (USA)
Nellie and Joe's Key Lime Juice (Florida)

Wow...that's a lot of alcohol!