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Small Business Contest - please vote!

Intuit (makers of Turbo Tax and Quickbooks) is running a contest for small business owners. The winners will receive $50,000 in start up money and other prizes. Unfortunately we did not hear about it in time to enter.

However, a friend and mentor, Alissa DeRouchie, did enter and is in the final five! The winner is now up to voters. Here are five reasons I think you should vote for her:

1) Her business idea (a kid friendly cafe with healthy food) is innovative.
2) We have nothing like this in Columbus.
3) I know of at least 50 families that would support this business.
4) I need a healthy dining out option for my family.
5) Alissa has been successful running other businesses.

Please vote for Lissi (aderouch) at JumpUp Intuit. Vote today and once per day until January 31.

Need more information? Check out VoteCafeandPlay.com.