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Filling the larder

The past two days might be better categorized as mass consumption. Saturday, Alex and I went to IKEA to order cabinets.  We chose the tildaholm style door (pictured in this post) and antik drawer pulls.  It took 2 hours to complete the order, but I'm glad we were there in person as we found a cool deep stainless sink that allows for more drawer cabinets. They will be delivered via Ikea's local delivery service, so we got to pay a lot of money for only a long receipt.

antik drawer pulls

Today, Lil and I drove out to Charlie's Apples to purchase more of his organic, local, great for storage Gold Rush apples.  I picked up some for friends too, a total of 3.25 bushels!  These keep for a long long time in the fridge.  We will dehydrate some too because Lil loves dried apples.

Gold Rush apples from Charlies Farm