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Flooring is Cork!

On Monday night, we received our quote for purchasing sheet linoleum and installation.  It was 50% higher than we expected and plans wound up with seams running in front of both the sink and the stove.  :( After stewing about what to do for a few days, we visited Greenovate, a local green building materials company.  They had a variety of flooring on display, including cork.  Alex fell in love with this pattern:

Cordovan cork flooring

We went back to Greenovate today after doing some more research.  This cork is engineered with a click and lock system that would be very easy to install ourselves.  It is durable, soft, anti-static, and that lovely merle pattern will hide dirt and scuffs well.  At a little over $8/sq foot it is equally expensive as the linoleum flooring would be.  Ultimately we decided that cork flooring was more interesting and beautiful than linoleum, and self-install allows us more flexibility when we actually begin to do the work of renovating the kitchen.  So, we placed an order!

In short, the new kitchen is coming very soon!  Cabinets will arrive this Tuesday or Wednesday, and the cork flooring is expected to be in late next week.

We celebrated by eating ice cream at the best local (and national, in my opinion) creamery, Jeni's.

jenis artisan ice creams