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Demolition Day 1

Day 1 of demolition is ongoing, but I am released from duty to report to y'all. Wall cabinets were, as I suspected, built in to the space.  Some even had mortise and tennon joints!  Not many were recoverable, but those that are will be reused by Leonard or donated to our local Habitat for Humanity store.

We found plaster and lathe behind the large wall of cabinets.  Some of the lathe was damp.  We pulled it off to reveal a leaking length of brown water return lead pipe from the upstairs toilet.  Ick.  This length of pipe (not long, but requiring removal of toilet) will have to be replaced.

We determined the best course of action for the entire wall would be to remove all the plaster and lathe work on the wall so we could install insulation and drywall.  I called a dumpster service because the waste was piling up.  Dumpster arrives at 8 AM tomorrow.

In removing more plaster, we found a green copper pipe.  Indoor plumbing pipes should never be green.  We ripped out up to the ceiling where we found the leaky joint.  We could fix the joint, but to avoid future issues, the best course of action would be to replace all the copper with PVC.

So, now 9 PM, Alex and Leonard are removing copper pipe and replacing it.  The waste water pipe will have to wait for another time because removal and replacement of the toilet will be too much for tonight.  I'm hoping these side jobs will not cost us too much time or money.

Tomorrow we will load waste into the dumpster, then go to the Tayse family Christmas in Springfield OH.  In the evening we will finish plumbing and/or loading.

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