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Help Us with Kitchen Wall Color

Demolition starts on the kitchen tomorrow.  The general plan (I hope) is that we tear out and repair walls tomorrow, mud and sand the next day, then paint on the 28th before laying cork floor. The problem is that I don't know what color to paint.

The floors are amber hued cork.  Cabinets are light stained oak.  Countertops can be any virutally any color we want because the concrete and inclusions have limitless possibilities.  We were generally thinking terrazzo style light beige with amber or green or purple glass inclusions.  Appliances will be stainless steel.

So, what color walls make sense?  Initially I thought warm yellow orange.  I picked up some paint chips.  Putting them up to the cork, I just don't like any now.  I'm not opposed to bold - I LOVE color and think that with everything being warmish brown tones the kitchen will not be colorful enough.

Color chips on cork floor

Of course, walls can always be repainted.  I'm just hoping to get it right on the first try because before the floor and cabinets go in the paint job will be much easier than cutting in around everything after.

Any suggestions?