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Dust and Plumbing Continue

rachel using sawsall Here I am working today on the stove alcove.  I took down all the studs for the old divider walls and cut out nails in prep to repair the drywall tomorrow.

Notice Hawise in the corner of the picture?  She loves to monitor our work and steal pieces of drywall to chew on in her crate.  We try to stop her, of course, because who knows what ingesting gypsum will do to a silly dog.

steve and len working

Our friend Steve (at right) came over today to help.  We put him to work tearing our the pass through and preparing the walls for drywall installation.  Leonard and Alex were still fixing the brown water return plumbing pictured below.  By the end of the day, plumbing fixes were complete, most of the wiring is in place, ceiling drywall is hung, and walls are prepped for drywall hanging tomorrow.

it aint pretty but it aint leaking no more

Anyone want to guess how many times we were at Lowes?  Hint - two more than any project should require in a single day.