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Walls and Spaces in Walls

Today, the walls went up! First, all the electric and plumbing had to be finalized.  Then we added insulation (itchy stuff I tell ya) between studs. Then drywall was hung.

insulation in the walls

insulation in the walls

no more studs

When we were at Cory and Steve's for dinner (thanks guys!) Len broke through the dining room wall for our pass through!  I hadn't exactly told him my lighting plans so now we have to undo some of the work, but the pass through is now here!

dining room looking into kitchen

Len is mudding right now and I'm about to go help.  By tomorrow night we may have paint on the walls.  Alex and I hastily picked out 'Homestead Resort Tea Room Yellow', which hopefully looks as good on the walls tomorrow as it did on the little tiny paper this afternoon.