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More Walls and Lil joins the team

Today was more about the walls.  Leonard mudded nearly all day. alcove with drywall

more drywalled walls and fancy fan

In the afternoon we went shopping for appliances.  2 stores and we didn't buy anything until Alex returned to Lowes for the vent fan.  Do you love or hate your fridge/dishwasher/range?  If so, please leave a comment.  We want to buy today for delivery Friday.

After we came home from the fruitless marathon trip, Lil wanted to help.  We let her use a scraper and play with the "sticky stuff" aka drywall mud.  She had a blast!

lil plays with drywall mud

Today: paint?  I said that yesterday, so I won't believe it until the paint can is actually open.  I did buy these green supplies yesterday: a biodegradable paint tray and a green harvested wooden handled painted brush.

green painting supplies