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Delays and Fixes

Sorry for the delay in blogging. I've actually been doing most of the work and haven't had time! Saturday, my Dad came over and we started to hang the upper cabinets. We realized we needed some hardware, and Alex needed a faucet to complete the sink project. Off to Lowes for the millionth time.

We finally had a 10% off coupon, so we bought appliances, lights, faucet and everything else we thought we might need. Appliances will be delivered tomorrow! Exciting!

So we came home and resumed hanging the upper cabinets. It is a pretty quick job, even with my Dad's obsessive leveling. He and Alex installed two new lights (of four) next.

new lights

On Saturday evening, Alex finished the sink plumbing. Look - it works!

running faucet

Yesterday we took the day off to go to IKEA and return cabinets. We even returned one wall cabinet that was spared by the last revision in plans. The return was painless and pickup of new cabinets was a piece of cake too. I was surprised to find out that other than used bedding, cut fabric, or mattresses, everything is returnable.

We managed to keep other purchases to a minimum: two pot racks to flank the range, dish drainer, and an ice cream cone.

$1 ice cream cone at IKEA