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Slow Going

Sorry for the lack of news this week. Here's a bunch of excuses: The outside temperatures (below zero deg F most of the week) seem to have slowed progress in all areas of our life.

My youngest sister was in the hospital this week with diabetic ketoacidosis and is now recovering at home.

Alex spent most of the weekend with my dad in a movie theater for a 36 hour science fiction movie marathon.

Saturday and Sunday Lil ran a fever. She seems to be on the mend but we're taking it easy just in case.

Finally, there are some business challenges on the horizon. We're trying to improve the Baying Hound website. Please take our survey if you have five minutes. Look for a post later this afternoon about CPSIA too.

That's enough. I do have post ideas in my head. It may be winter, but my thoughts are already turning to spring and our garden and all the lovely food. Alex is even pushing for urban chickens...