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Now is the time to register for Summer CSAs

Readers have been asking me about recommendations for Summer CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) subscriptions.  Wikipedia has a good entry on CSAs if you are not familiar. The truth is that this year, we will not participate in one.  We think we can grow everything we need in our backyard garden supplemented with trips to the farmers market every once in awhile.

For two years we participated in small CSA. We can't remember the name at the moment, but I'll update later if it comes to us.  The quantity was fine and produce was OK although not everything was grown on the farm.  The closest pickup was really too far away for us.

Last year we were part of a tiny CSA run by our neighbor's sister.  It was fantastic to directly support someone I know.  She is not offering a CSA this year.

If we were signing up again this year, here are the CSAs I would consider:

week one: Athens Hills winter CSA

*Athens Hills CSA from Green Edge Gardens - we are getting the winter veggie CSA and it is bountiful and delicious.  They write on their blog that they will be offering a summer CSA too.

*2silos meat CSA - 2silos will be offering a summer version of the meat CSA this year.  They also have an veggie CSA but it is sold out.  Alex recently reported on the winter meat CSA if you want more info.

*Elizabeth Telling Farm - We don't have personal experience with this CSA, but others in the community like it.  We are always impressed with their produce at the farmers markets.

*Wayward Seed - Again, our only experience with Wayward Seed is through the great vegs we saw at farmers markets.  They also offer a fruit CSA which I am trying to figure out if we want to invest in.

*Sippel Farm - This CSA is sold our for the 2009 CSA season, but it is the most recommended farm by friends.  They are already taking names for the 2010 season!

Are you participating in a CSA this year?  If so, which one?

Did I miss any you would recommend?