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Columbus Restaurant Week March 9 - 15

Check it out, Columbus!  We're getting our own restaurant week! Organized by Dine Originals, Columbus' independent restaurant association, Restaruant Week is your chance to enjoy 40+ prix fix menus for $15 or $30 each.  Menus are being posted now on their Restaurant Week page.

(If you've never heard of Dine Originals and love great deals, check out the gift certificate program.)

Why make time for Restaurant Week?  I could probably list 10 reasons, but I'm tired tonight, so here's my top 4.

1) Local restaurants employ local employees who need your tips these days.

2) Independent restaurants have more freedom to use local foods from local farmers.

3) You might find a new favorite place.

4) You'll get a yummy cheap meal.

I'm not sure where we'll go.  Perhaps we can hit up more than one restaurant, as many menus are available for lunch and dinner.  We must decide soon and make reservations, because at these prices seats will fill fast!

Which restaurant(s) are you going to visit?