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Ravenous Pig in Winter Park FL

Lunch today was our best local (Florida) food for sure.  We ate at the Ravenous Pig in Winter Park.  They make most everything in house (smoked and cured meats being the specialty) and use local ingredients wherever possible. My lunch was a trio of appetizers from the lunch menu: the smoked paprika deviled eggs, pretzels with divine mustard cheese fondue, and charcuterie plate.  Alex and Lil ate the meat off the charcuterie while I enjoyed the pickled fennel, toast points, arugula salad, and oregonzola (a rosemary encrusted gorgonzola style cheese from Oregon).

ravenous pig eggs and pretzels

charcuterie plate

Alex ate the shrimp and oyster po' boy.  He describes it as "Delicious! The shrimp and oyster were perfectly cooked and the apple slaw was a great compliment."  The sandwich came with shoestring fries which were also perfectly cooked.  I would have loved a side of homemade ketchup.

I had a Gin Mule and Alex had a Shipyard Nitro to drink.  The bar included several other enticing drinks and great draft beers.

This is the kind of restaurant I would love to return to again and again.  They are hosting a pig roast in mid March which will surely be a fabulous affair.

Winter Park is a suburb of Orlando.  The Ravenous Pig is most definitely worth the drive from your hotel near Disney or the convention center if you visit.  If you happen to be a local who has never been, get there soon!