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Vegetarian Picks for Columbus Restaurant Week

I am really excited about Columbus Restaurant Week.  I am telling everyone I know.  I even gave my brother in law some Dine Originals gift certificates for watching our dogs in the hopes that he will go support restaurants next week. There's only one problem.  I don't eat meat.  Fixed price meals usually don't work out so well for me.  I rarely ask for exceptions for prix fixe menus because the whole idea is to serve a standardized meal.

However, among the 42 restaurants participating in restaurant week there are some excellent meat-free choices.  Here's my guide for vegetarian* choices:

The Best - three vegetarian courses:

Barcelona - 7 course tapas meal, vegetarian option

Betty's - all choices appear to be meatless

Black Creek Bistro - four courses including mushroom stew I've been wanting to try

Bodega - Bruschetta, veggie pizza and panini, beer

Cafe Corner - choose two items plus dessert, many breakfasts are meatless and a few sandwiches too

Elevator - salad, vegetable strudel entree, dessert

Handkes - vegetarian option available

Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls - appetizer basket, salad, roasted red pepper linguini, dessert (four courses for $30 sounds like a great deal)

Katzingers - 2 small Vegetarian sandwiches, two sides, dessert

LaScala - salad, eggplant parm, and tiramisu (two diners for $30!)

Maca Cafe - Two veggie courses and wine

Pistachia Vera - mmmmm....tastes of 7 meat free sweets...

Press Grill - Salad, pizza, and dessert, two people for just $15

Rigsby's - skip pancetta on salad or hope for meat-free soup du jour, veggie pasta entree, dessert

Surly Girl - all choices appear meatless

Tasi - Breakfast or Lunch dish + drinks, $15 for two

Tip Top - salad, veggie roast entree, dessert

Tratorria Roma - manicotti, fresh greens, glass of wine

Tutto Vino - 3 veggie pizza choices plus salad and cheese course

Worthington Inn -  salad, garden vegetable plate, dessert

Z Cucina - salad, pasta with pomodoro sauce or eggplant parm, tiramisu

Good Possibility -

Alanas - meatless salad, risotto du jour could be meatless

*My definition of vegetarian is no red meat, white meat, or fish.  Eggs and dairy OK.

I still can't decide where we'll go.  I'm thinking Trattoria Roma for lunch one day and something else for dinner another day.   Maybe I'll even arrange a girl's night out at Surly Girl or Tip Top.

Have you decided where you're going yet?