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First Gardening of 2009!

The weather was springlike today!   We took a trip to Oakland Park nursery to buy seeds.   (They are 33% off right now, local friends!)  By afternoon we had gardening fever and just couldn't wait to get our hands in the dirt. Alex dug out some compost from the bottom of our bin to mix with potting soil so we could start our tomato, pepper, and herb seeds.  He decided that maybe we should move the compost bin today, since the weather was nice and there wasn't much else to do.

The rest of the good compost was dumped into a bed.  Lil and I mixed it around some while Alex moved the compost bin to the other side of the beech tree beyond our back fence.

Lil mixing soil with the hoe

Here's the new view of the compost bin.

you can hardly see it!

I'm thrilled that the dogs won't be able to get in the bin.  Better yet, we won't smell it during the dog days of summer.

We confirmed in the moving of the bin that we aren't very efficient composters.  We don't really pay attention to layering or cutting things in small pieces.  But it is good enough for us.  We are satisfied knowing that our yard waste and food scraps are not going into a landfill and we can occaisionally get good soil from the bottom.