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White House Kitchen Garden

Writing a local food and garden blog, I feel obligated to write about the White House Garden ground broken today.  It is a great hope and example to the nation.  So many others have written their kudos and I also am thrilled we have a first family that understands local foods. So rather than repeat what's been said, here's a new idea that struck me: Man, I am glad no one photographs me when I'm gardening.

AP photo

Unlike the beautiful and poised Michelle Obama, I almost never shower before a day of work in the garden and am wearing my scruffiest work clothes.  I consider gardening a form of exercise, so I'm usually huffing and puffing.  My face is dirt streaked and fingernails blackened by soil.  Hair is pulled back or under a hat.

While I am not embarrassed by my disheveled appearance (gardening is hard work, after all!) I do feel for the first family in that nearly everything they do is public.   Michelle looked a little uncomfortable gardening today, as well would I if I were trying to dig in the dirt without getting dirty.   She managed to pose for photographs with a shovel without exposing herself, whereas I know I would manage to flash someone somehow.

Tomorrow when I take to the building of our backyard playhouse, I will look like a mess and be happy no one is there to record it.