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Playhouse in the Garden

Our yard is tiny but we have long wanted a playspace for Lil.  A few weeks ago we started seeing playhouses available for sale.  We knew better than to look at swing sets - they would shade our garden. We researched options online and found a cedar playhouse that fit our size specifications at Sam's Club for $300.  A friend picked one up for us.

We finally had a good weather day with plenty of free time, so we put the house together.

playhouse pieces

The house assembled in about 5 hours with two adults, two neighborhood preteen girls, and Lil. Lil and the girls mostly played, but they worked too.

playhouse front

Note the mailbox and curtains created by the neighborhood girls.

playhouse side

The house is adorably cute.  The materials and design are solid.  Plus it is Forest Stewardship Council certified to ensure the materials are sustainably harvested.  We purchased 100% recycled rubber mulch as flooring which we will install tomorrow.  I hope that with the quality of materials and our craftsmanship Lil can enjoy this house for many years to come.