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Eating Local and CSAs at Wild Goose!

I just got this from Wayward Seed farm:

'Learn how to eat local and savor the season's best food all summer long. Join The Wayward Seed Farm on Wednesday, April 1st at 7:00pm at Wild Goose Creativefor a discussion about CSA and local food. Other farms planning to attend include Toad Hill Organic Farm, Bridgman Farm, Elizabeth Telling Farm, and 2Silos.

Also joining us and supporting our efforts...Donnie from House Wine with Organic Wines, Tehku Tea Company with tea and scones, and cupcakes from Hanford St. Bakery'

The Wild Goose site suggests a $5 donation. Wild Goose is located at 2491 Summit Street Columbus, OH 43202

The organic wine sealed the deal - I'm going to try to make it tomorrow night!