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Just workin'

We are busy!  Here's what we have been doing this week: 1) I went to a fun meet and greet CSA event at Wild Goose last night.  Farmers from 2 Silos, Bridgman, Elizabeth Telling, Toad Hill, and Wayward Seed were there, all with spaces in their veggie/egg/meat CSAs still available.

2) We received a new rain barrel from the Rain Brothers today.  It's already installed because it was just replacing the broken one.  And after tonight's storm, it might be full.  Yeah for rain catching!

3) We keep watering our seedlings.  They are starting to look great!  We need to thin some already.

4) I spent a half hour or so removing honeysuckle and english ivy vines from the fence between our house and our neighbor's.  Jan was out weeding from her side too.  We both realize these voracious growers will be a constant battle, but it is such a pleasure to work alongside a neighbor.  I am so grateful to have another gardener next door.  :)

5) I have taken pictures for posts about making butter and the usefulness of glass jars.  Still working on the editing and writing, but good stuff is coming soon.

6)I'm hearing the grumbling about no finished kitchen pictures.  That's because it isn't done yet!  Another post is slated for the little things we have yet to finish...