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What's Growing: April 27, 2009

This week marks the start of a new series, What's Growing. We hope to post once a week a list and pictures of what's growing in our backyard garden and around the neighborhood. So, this week, here's What's Growing:

Tomato, pepper, foxglove, and broccoli seedlings, being hardened off for a growing number of hours a day Broccoli raab and broccoli in their beds Pea shoots about 3 inches tall Spinach and lettuce with second and third leaf sets Garlic and onions

onions (back) garlic (front) lettuce containers

Peach trees blossoming Dwarf cherries with one tiny dwarf cherry blossom Blueberries with blossoms Wicked crop of mint

julep sipped through homemade stainless straw

Strawberries with buds Carrot and Kale seeds just sown One tiny pole bean sprout

What's Growing in your world? Please join in and let us know your URL if you make a What's Growing series.