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Where the kitchen remodel stands

You'll notice something about this blog. The moment the kitchen became usable, all posting switched to food and gardening topics. That's not because we love writing about food and gardening more - it's because we haven't done a damn thing to finish the kitchen! Back in February, when we went to Florida, I took a slew of pictures documenting what the finish work remaining. I hoped to have time to blog there, but between the slow as molasses internet connection and exhaustion from vacationing, I didn't get a chance. Sadly, the pictures still reflect what is done and un-done.

Here's the rundown:

Cabinets, sink, and appliances installed!

Hole above the stove, still there: hole needs repair

Painting done!

Trim around floors, doors, and windows, not so much: no base trim or cabinet toe kicks

Flooring installed and finished!

Hand built concrete countertops, not yet: yep, that's plywood, not concrete.  Note how dingy it is?  I'm sure you can imagine the crumbs that fall in drawers too.

I think that is all we have left. With the warming weather and growing garden it is difficult to discipline ourselves to do housework instead of yardwork. Maybe it would help if I give us a deadline and y'all can hold us accountable. How about June 15? The countertops will take time but I think 45 days is reasonable.

Thanks for all of you who have asked and/or visited to see progress. Maybe after it's all done we'll hold a kitchen grand opening party!