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Make It Yourself: Stockade Fence

Earlier in the season I was looking for fencing to go around the new dwarf cherry trees.  The dogs were running through the tree patch and I didn't want them to damage the poor young things. Previous owners of our house left behind lots of these beautiful metal border fences.  I tried to find some to match but the high quality ones were cost prohibitive and the cheap ones just looked cheap.

strawberries with fence

I decided to use sticks from around the yard and make a stockade type border.  I chose 12 - 15 inch long sticks and embedded them as deep as I could pushing with my hands.  I spaced closely so the dogs would get the idea to stay away from the trees.

stockade around dwarf cherry

Later, I made another fence around the kale bed.

kale stockade

When you are next looking for a free, easy border, think stockade!