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We started veggies from seed, we planted seedlings and saplings, and now we are tending volunteers? sunflowers

Yes, I can't resist a plant that reseeds itself!  There is something exciting about tending plants that put themselves in the ground when we don't know exactly what might come from the volunteers.  Above are sunflowers that grew from dropped birdseed.

tomato volunteers

When we moved the compost bin earlier this spring,  we didn't consider all the seeds lurking in the dirt below.  Tomatoes and squash are popping up now. The sunlight isn't great, but if the tomatoes and squash can survive we'll add to our harvest without adding to the cost of start up.

squash volunteers

Two potatoes couldn't wait to grow and now have happy homes in the garden.  One is an errant potato that was never harvested last fall.  The other is a sweet potato that started sprouting in the potato bin and Alex just couldn't help but find a spot for it.

sweet potato

The most surprising find was some chamomile flowers that popped up among the grass.  We can't keep them all but moved some into a flower bed.

Do you have any volunteers in the garden this year?