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Gardening Events: Columbus OH Late Summer 2009

There are several growing events happening around central Ohio in July, August, and September *Ohio Farm Bureau Grow And Know Seminar is July 18 at the Bob Evans center in Rio Grande.  Topics from bees to mulch.  Registration closes July 6.  $25 members, $85 non members.

*The American Community Garden Association is holding their annual conference at the Franklin Park Conservatory this year August 6 - 9.  Early registration ends July 6.  Full conference cost is $200 members, $250 non members.  I'm considering going to the Saturday only, which is $100.

*Franklin Park Conservatory also offers weekend gardening programs.  They are $15 per session.  The most recent Franklin Park newsletter suggested they are starting a certificate program, which I inquired about but haven't heard back any details.  At any rate, upcoming classes are:

July 18 10:30 - 12 - wise water use

August 1 10 - 11 planning your fall garden

September 19 10 - 11 putting your garden to bed

*Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA) is offering a whole series of farm tours and workshops around the state.  I will be attending the Beekeeping workshop Sept. 13 for sure.  I have this crazy idea that we might try an urban hive next spring.

*September 11 - 13 is the Franklin Park Conservatory Field to Table event.  There's a wicked expensive dinner ($300 per person?!) on Friday night and a details-to-be-added festival Saturday and Sunday.

If I missed any sustainable gardening events, please comment and let me know.