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Unfamiliar CSA produce?

When we first became members of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), we received plenty of produce that we had never encountered before.  CSA managers are getting better about identifying everything in the share, but in the very beginning, we were given some veggies we couldn't even name! Here's my quickie guide for using your CSA share to full potential when you aren't even sure what you have.

Taste it raw. Not sure what part is edible?  Try them all!  Your CSA will contain nothing that is going to poison you.

If you like it raw, cut into slices/sticks for snacking or toss in a salad.  Raw veggies and fruit contain the highest nutrient content, so keep them raw if you like it.

Saute quickly with a little olive oil and butter.  Try cooking just a little and see how the flavor changes.  Again, the less cooking you do, the higher the nutritional punch.

Bake or roast. Fruits can be mixed and baked into a crumble.  Just add sugar to taste and top with a mix of 1 part oats 1 part flour 1/2 part butter 1 pinch salt.

Veggies can be sliced, layered with butter salt and pepper and baked into a gratin.  Saute, add eggs and bake for a fritatta.  Toss with olive oil and roast until soft.

Share. Sometimes you will run into something you really don't care for.  Find an adventurous friend or family member and offer them your extras.  Better yet, donate fresh produce to your local food pantry.

The best part of CSAs as I've mentioned before is the variety of healthy local fruits and vegetables.  I hope this guide helps you enjoy a new favorite soon!