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Child Logic

Lillian desparately wants a cat.  Our number one excuse for not getting one is that Alex is allergic. Number two reason is that Devie (the big hound) is terribly curious about cats and scares them with her howling.  (Literally Dev once scared the shit out of  my parent's tomcat!)

For ease of arguing, we usually go with number one.  "Mama, can we have a kitten?"  "Sorry, dear, Papa is allergic."

The other day, after meeting a kitten, Lil asks "Is papa going to go away sometime?"

Alex and I were both confused for a few minutes.  "Well, not soon, honey.  What do you mean?"

She starts to get upset.  "No, when will you leave?"

"Papa doesn't have to go on a business trip for a long time.  Don't worry about it" I assure her.

Lil is now almost crying.  "But I want him to leave."

I start to think I understand her.  Lil's dear friend's parents just divorced and his father moved out.  It's the best situation for the family, but Lillian doesn't know all the details of course.

"Lil, I will always be married to your father and we will always live together."

"But when can I get a cat?!"