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Kitchen Projects

Last Sunday my parents unexpectedly watched Lillian for the day.  What a treat! Instead of slothing around like we usually do, I wanted to get some kitchen remodeling projects wrapped up.  Our Japanese guest Kayoko arrived to stay with us Thursday and that motivated me to get a lot of things done last week!

After a delicious, inexpensive, large portioned lunch at Lavash Cafe, Alex and I measured, measured, measured, then cut and installed the toe kicks.  I can't believe we waited so long for this little finish job.  It was pretty quick and makes the cabinets look much more complete.

Then I was inspired to cover the gaping hole above the stove.  I tested whether a piece of cork would fit.  With a little modification (cutting off the 'tongue' on one side) it did!  Alex pulled out the finish nailer and fastened it into place.

That only leaves two projects: countertops and trim.  Alex has the Concrete Countertops Made Simple book out of the library again and I overheard him telling Kayoko that he will build them this summer.  I'll believe it when I see it.  ;)