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Tandem Joins the Fam

Two weeks ago we drove past a tandem bike for sale in someone's yard. Last Saturday Alex and I went on a long bike ride together and after that I was sure I had to have that tandem.

After a few phone calls, trip to the bank for cash, plea to Dad to pick up and drop off the bike with his big car, a little tuning and this morning we took our first rides on a tandem!

alex and rachel on tandem as photographed by lil

The bike is a Trek T100 1994 model.  It is in near mint condition and I think we got it for a steal of a price.  We will need new brake pads, pedals and bar tape, but it is ride-able as is.

I can't wait to get it out on a flat somewhere and see how fast we can go!

*This brings the bike count to seven: my commuter, Alex's commuter, Alex's mountain bike, Alex's road bike, tandem, Lil's 12 inch, Lil's 16 inch.  Garage also currently houses the bike trailer, tag-a-long, my sister's cross bike, a parted out old single speed of Alex's, a bike stand, and huge selection of tools.  Oh, and one Honda Fit car.