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2Silos Meat CSA Discount - act now!

Last year we were members of the 2Silos winter meat CSA. It was a great experience. Alex and Lil enjoyed local eggs, chicken, beef, lamb, and more all winter long. Alex wrote a review of his experience in mid winter. Owner Denise Beno is trying out a new method for CSA signup called the Point. Because this is her first experience with this online program, she is offering a $99 discount on the regularly priced $499 winter meat CSA price if 25 shares are purchased through the Point program. That's a 20% discount, folks!

All you need to do is visit her blog and click on the signup link. 2Silos is only offering this CSA discount until October 1, so act now!

---- Sorry the blog is still looking a bit wonky. I am working on updating the photos and colors. I just wanted you to have this 2Silos information now so you don't miss the discount deadline if you do want to sign up.