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The Birthday Cake Hound

devie coonhound

This is a picture of Devorguilla, aka Devie, aka big hound, in 2002. It was just after we moved to Norfolk Virginia in our first house. I had not yet found work and we were extended beyond our means. But it was Alex's birthday, so I baked a German Chocolate Cake from scratch.

Devie found the cake and ate at least half. If you didn't know Devie then you wouldn't know that she normally had a huge chest and tiny waist. This picture only shows a very full tummy.

Devie did not die, although some dogs do from excess chocolate inhalation. At the time, I had such anger in me that I felt I wouldn't have minded if she did keel over.

For the intervening eight years, Devie has always been around when there is food and continues to put front feet on the counter to steal what morsels she can.

Yesterday we were outside visiting with friends. I heard the tell tale 'clack' of Devie's nails on the kitchen floor. It took only a second until I remembered Lil's birthday chocolate cake cooling beside the stove.

Ack!!! Devie had eaten into half of it. Damn dog and damn my leaving it in reach.

On our evening walk, we stopped by the local market to purchase more cocoa for another cake.

When we got out the butter to make another cake, guess who was ready at the mixer?

Yep. And later, when we were icing it?

Finally our twice-made chocolate cake with chocolate frosting was decorated with butterfly rings and served at Lillian's fourth birthday party. Happy birthday, my dear girl! May the Birthday Cake Hound never strike on your special day again