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What's Growing: October 10, 2009

It has been a long time since I entered a What's Growing post.  The end of the summer was so busy that I ran out of time to photograph and post on a weekly basis.  I hope to be more disciplined next year not only to share with other Columbus gardeners, but to keep records for myself.

The garden is in a bit of transition now.  Most summer crops were pulled last weekend.  Herbs are still producing.  All the herbs for last week's Kids Cook class came from our garden.

Fall produce is just getting started.  Our lettuces are delayed because birds ate the tops two weeks ago.  I put bird netting on and they are recovering nicely.

Spinach is almost ready to eat.

The second planting of squash is trying to hang in.  There are lots of blossoms but not any fruit yet.  We planted a bit late, so the squash might not end up producing this year.

We could harvest the beet tops now but we will leave them on the plants to produce strong roots.

We are still eating the spring planted kale and new kale seeds are sprouting.

What's growing in your garden?