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Happy Halloween!

We carved pumpkins on Tuesday night.  Lil's tiny pumpkin was a huge pain because the walls are so thin.  But look how cute it is!

Lil wanted to be a ghost this year.  I didn't see any reason to be fancier than the cut up thrift store sheet.

When we adopted Hawise from the Capital Area Humane Society, her name was Hot Dog.  I saw a hot dog costume and knew she had to have it.  Apparently, wearing a costume is doggie torture to her.  She is also not a fan of the standing still for picture taking....

Not to be undressed, Devie had to be costumed in this witchy outfit.  She does not mind costumes one bit.  This photo shows off her recently diagnosed luxating lens - notice how the eye reflections don't match?

May your Halloween is spooktastic!