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Vacuum sealing is fun!

Alex had a vacuum sealer on his birthday and Xmas list for a few years.  I joked about him coveting yet another unnecessary gadget.

My sisters purchased a FoodSaver System for Alex last Xmas.  I still laughed.

He uses it for sealing and freezing meat stuffs, especially home cured products like bacon.  Lil loves to press the buttons but I continued to consider it a bit of a waste.

Today I was unloading the Dehydratorof yet more dried apples.  I am completely out of canning jars, my usual storage container of choice for dried fruits and veggies.

I remembered the vacuum sealer and finally gave it a shot.  That thing is fun!

It makes a cool sucking noise and seals like magic.  In about fifteen minutes I transformed thirty apples worth of dried apples into four small packages.

There are plans afloat for an extended family canoe trip to the backwoods of Algonquin National Park in Canada this summer.  I estimate I will use the vacuum sealer more as the trip approaches.

A vacuum sealer is certainly not a necessity but I have come around to understanding its uses.  For dried or frozen foods, sealing gives extra protection against spoilage.  I get it now: the vacuum sealer is a cool tool.