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Putting the Straw In Strawberries

Strawberries are named such because gardeners traditionally cover them in straw during the fall.  The straw mulch both prevents weeds from growing in early spring and protect the delicate plants from cleaving through frozen soil. Now is the time to put straw on your beds in central Ohio.  I happened to score some free straw from Giant Eagle the other day (it had been used for a pumpkin display) so I knew it was time for strawberry maintenance.

strawberry bed before

First, I gently weeded and raked the strawberry bed.  I rearranged some runners.  These will be the young plants next year and I want them to grow in the bed where older plants are dying off.  I found this confused white berry.

unripe strawberry in november

Then I covered with a few inches of straw.

In the spring I'll remove some of the straw so as to not smother the berries. Because I have a whole bale of straw, I covered the garlic beds and around perennial herbs too.  Easy mulch!