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Touch the Turkey!

Today and tomorrow many parents have a great teaching moment waiting to happen when they cook a turkey.  Involve the kids and you can lead them to explore:

  • Habitat ~ find out where wild turkeys live
  • Farming ~ discuss life on historic and modern farms for the farmers and the turkeys
  • Anatomy ~ ask children what's the same and different about their bodies compared to a turkey
  • Temperature ~ talk about how hot the turkey must be to kill any harmful bacteria and let children watch the thermometer rise
  • Taste ~ allow children to help make a brine or rub and talk about flavors
  • Safety ~ talk about how to keep your body safe when using a knife and oven
  • Sensory ~ touch the turkey!  Many kids will want to see how it feels when you press, how the bones feel, and the differences between uncooked and cooked meat

May your cooking be fun and food be delicious!