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First Blogiversary!

i look wide only because of the angles, right? One year ago I started Hounds in the Kitchen.  The intervening year has included:

~ 155 blog posts

~ 7 Kids Cook classes

~ hundreds of pounds of produce from the garden

~ 30 subscribers


~ 2 speaking engagements

~ 1 renovated kitchen (almost...)

~ $6 earned in advertising

~ $30 spent in domain registration and hosting

~ 1 press trip to the Fabulous Food Show in Cleveland


~ 1 sponsored dinner

Tomorrow afternoon Alex, Lil, and I will be making a Harvest Meal with three families as part of the Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24 program.  I will share all the details soon.

Thank you, readers, for making writing this blog exciting and interesting every day.  I hope to continue Hounds in the Kitchen for years to come.

Now, go enjoy Thanksgiving!