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Make it Yourself: Wine Bottle Olive Oil Pourer

This olive oil container has been in the background of many pictures on this little blog.  It might possibly be the most utilized ingredient and container in our whole kitchen.

Five years ago, I found the winemaker Four Sisters at a shop in Portsmouth Virginia where we were living.  As the oldest of four sisters, I knew I wanted each of my sisters to have a bottle with this label.

More than the wine itself, I knew we would treasure the bottles.  I considered different ways we might extend their use beyond a wine container.  I finally settled upon making a wine bottle olive oil pourers for my three sisters and myself.

Transforming a wine bottle into an olive oil pourer is an easy thing to do and a great gift for a wine lover, cook, or anyone who appreciates the fine art found on many labels today.  Here's how:

1) Buy wine.  Search for a label with meaning or one that looks unique.  A plasticized label will hold up better than a paper and glue label.  A green or brown glass bottle is preferred as the darker color protects the oil from light damage.

2) Purchase pouring spout.  I have purchased cheap spouts that don't work a bit, so my advice is to go for quality here.

2) Dispose of wine.  I don't need to advise you about how to do that, right?

3) Wash bottle thoroughly.

4) Fill with high quality olive oil.

5) Top with a spout.

6) Voila!

For gift giving, you might want to package the pourer with a coaster and handmade tag with details about the olive oil.

PS. Keep away from the dog.