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Cursed Fruitcake

I am reading happy Xmas posts on other blogs.  All in all I had a good day, but I am feeling a bit cursed. Between celebrations number two and three we stopped home to feed the dogs, drop of gifts, and pick up new ones.  We were headed to my parents and packed up some food to contibute to dinner.

About half way through our short journey, I realized I had forgotten Lil's stocking stuffers.  We turned around.

I ran into the house and saw this:

ACKKKK!!!!  My beloved fruitcake!  The one I carefully baked, stored and basted!

Apparently when Alex grabbed the bag of food to load the car, he forgot the fruitcake.

Maybe I should have checked the car.  Maybe the dogs should be better trained.  Maybe I should not attempt such a touchy expensive confection.

At any rate, after coming home tonight I sliced off the dog-mawed parts and helped myself to a piece.  I wouldn't serve a dog licked anything to anyone else but I at least had to taste the fruitcake myself.

And of course, it is delicious.  I wish I had a whole loaf to enjoy.  Maybe next Christmas...