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Meal Plan week of January 4, 2010

Mindful MenusOne of my personal resolutions is to more consistently meal plan this year.  A twitter friend, ChiveTalker, hosts a weekly round up of meal plans in which I might participate.  So tell me, would you read what this locavore eats a week in advance?  Would you rather I keep meal planning to myself?  Here's  this week's post as an example: This week Alex is traveling on business to Arizona.  Usually we have a time zone difference and this time we will have a nearly 60 degree temperature difference to boot.  Without Alex around, meals are simpler, contain less meat, and are often soup-y because he doesn't love soup like I do.

Monday -baked potatos with steamed brussel sprouts and cheese, tomato soup, tuna fillet for Lil

Tuesday - leftover Ohio pumpkin soup with cheese toast

Wednesday -restaurant with my dad

Thursday - lentil barley soup, kale chips

Friday - date night with Alex

Saturday - family dinner at my parents

Sunday - family dinner with Alex's parents