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In My Kitchen Cupboards

Friends were recently discussion kitchen cupboards.  A well organized kitchen thrills me, so I offered to photo-document what's going on in my cabinets. When I designed this kitchen in the fall of 2008, I centered my thoughts around working zones and storage. I'm a 'everything in it's place and a place for everything' sorta girl, so I designated space for what we use where we use it.  Primarily I selected IKEA drawers because they keep things organized.

In the photos below, I decided to keep it real and not style a thing.  That means some cupboards are messier than ideal. Here goes:

The sink and dishwasher are in the washing zone along with most of our serving dishes.

The counter on the pass through holds the Kitchen Aid Mixer on top and baking supplies in drawers below.

Surrounding the stove is open storage for pots and pans.

Pantry items and mixed drink supplies are in skinny cabinets along the wall opposite.

Cooking tools and more pantry items are in drawers below.

So there's a quick and dirty tour of my kitchen cupboards!  What's in your kitchen?  If you would like to join the bare-all party, leave a link to a post about your kitchen cupboards or pictures in the comments.