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Open Sky Store is Open!

There's a new way to find goodies to help you grow, cook, and eat simply: shop the Hounds in the Kitchen Open Sky Store.

I was first introduced to the Open Sky concept through bloggers Michael Ruhlman of Rulman.com and Tina of Carrots and Cake.  Open Sky provides the business background to source, ship, and accept payment for unique goods that bloggers want to share with their readers.  In return for promoting their items, bloggers get a share of the purchase price.

I would love to make a little income running this blog, but I ultimately decided to open a store because it allows me to share items I truly recommend.  The store currently has a small selection of cooking and gardening tools.  I have a long list of requested products in the Open Sky system from small producers, many here in Ohio.

Open Sky is a supportive community.  This weekend, for instance, they are donating 100% of their profits to Haiti earthquake relief efforts.  They often offer discount codes that I will share via twitter and facebook.  I promise to keep mentions and links discreet and always in line with my educational mission.

I encourage people to shop locally first.  I know that many of us do shopping online, however, and I hope the new shop can be an online resource.