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Meal Plan Week of January 25, 2010

Before we get to the goodies of this week's plan, I wanted to feature a few things that help us follow our plan: the whiteboard and refrigerator shopping list. I write out the meals on the whiteboard so those who aren't paying attention when we meal plan and don't keep up with their RSS feed (ahem, Alex) have another reference point during the week.

I keep the post-it pad on the front of the fridge to write down foodstuffs as we run out of them.  When I go grocery shopping I add to the bottom of that list and take it to the store.  Does anyone else have a system like this?

Mindful MenusThis week's Mindful Menus will be:

Monday - salmon, salad, rice (Rachel will have dinner at Whole Foods before book club with Food Matters Columbus.)

Tuesday - root vegetable gratin topped with fried egg, applesauce

Wednesday - parmesan rind soup with chickpeas and kale, spaghetti and home canned sauce

Thursday - leftovers or quesadillas

Friday - vegetable pie with cornbread top crust

Saturday - Rachel's parents?

Sunday - Alex's parents