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Meal Plan - February 8, 2010

Mindful MenusWe're gearing up for another busy week here. I am preparing for my OEFFA conference session on Urban Edible Gardening.  I was told they expect it to be popular and well attended.  Eek!  Because I am working so hard, I plan to offer it as a stand alone workshop for those who couldn't come to the conference.  I'm thinking sometime in early March?  If you are interested and want to suggest a good day and time, please do.

Alex and I both have appointments to finish our tattoos this week.  We're madly painting the front room and deep cleaning the house in preparation for hosting an Olympics opening ceremony party too.

On to the meals!

Monday - general tso's chicken and tofu, miso soup, rice

Tuesday - TVP tacos, grapefruit

Wednesday - spaghetti and home canned sauce, salad

Thursday - leftovers

Friday - international potluck at our Olympics party!

Saturday - Alex and Lil - baked fish, rice, veggies, Rachel - OEFFA conference

Sunday - family dinner

As always, hop over to Mindful Menus to share your meal plan for the week if you wish.  Jenna just wrote a great article about what to do if your meals are feeling uninspired.