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Seed Potato Group Buy

Do you want to grow potatoes this year?  So do I! However, I don't have much space for them.  Potato tubers are usually sold in two pound bags at the minimum, which is more than I can use of any one kind.

Let's pool together and share an order of potatoes.I would like to grow Cranberry Red, All-Blue, and German Butterball potatoes.  The Seeds of Change catalog suggests that 2 pounds will plant 20 row feet.  Potatoes should be planted 10 - 12 inches apart.  I'm thinking we could split down to a half a pound, which will be 4 - 5 tubers, or a single 4 foot row, producing about 5 pounds.

If you want to share, fill out this order form completely.  Each half pound will cost $3 including shipping, assuming I get enough of you to order with me.  I will take orders until February 23 and request payment soon after.  Seeds of Change expects to ship on March 15, after which pickup will be at my home in Clintonville.