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FEAST and Kindness

You know that I love playing with food. I recently submitted a grant proposal to the Couchfire Collective FEAST program. I want to hold a day long open workshop for all ages where we create art with our food (and then eat it!). Instead of a stodgy review process, the $1000 grant winner will be decided by diners who come to an exclusive party at Haiku restaurant in the Short North.  For $40, you can reserve a seat at the amazing 5 course dinner. (Dinner details, including a menu and reservations, here: http://www.thecouchfire.org/feast/feastdinner.html) You'll also be given 3 votes for proposals.

I'll be there representing the Play with Your Food idea.  My detailed proposal is here: http://www.thecouchfire.org/feast/playwithyourfood.html.  You can even donate directly towards a Play with Your Food event if you wish.

All the action happens next Monday night February 22 from 6:30 - 9 pm. I hope to see you there!

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Did you know that February 15-21 is National Random Acts of Kindness Week?  Panera Bread is celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week with a new campaign called "Panera It Forward."  I participated as a Secret Good Will Ambassador.

I headed to my favorite store, Sprout Soup, and found a busy bunch of moms and kids getting ready for the store's Sprout Swap.  I handed out coupons for a free Panera coffee and bagel to each family.  I encourage everyone to perform more random acts of kindness.  You never know how you might be rewarded!