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Meal Plan Week of February 22, 2010

Mindful MenusWe're switching things up a little bit here because Lil wanted to do a video yesterday afternoon.  Here she is to tell you about our Mindful Menu of the week!

Monday - Lil is eating with my Mom, Alex and I are FEASTing at Haiku.  Perhaps I'll earn a $1000 grant for a play with your food workshop!

Tuesday - Roasted chicken and alphabet vegetable soup

Wednesday - Lentil spaetzle and chard -  Columbus Foodie wrote about spaetzle last week and it reminded me of this dish I used to order at the Bier Garten when we lived in Portsmouth VA.

Thursday - Chicken / bean burritos - using leftovers from Tuesday's chicken

Friday - Select winners of the Central Ohio Home & Garden Show ticket giveaway, grilled sandwiches using leftover pork from Sunday

Saturday - Chinese restaurant and we're going to Disney on Ice.  We're the best parents ever for sacrificing our good taste to be part of the mouse magic and I hope Lil never forgets it.

Sunday - my How to Cook with your Kids class, 1 - 2 pm at Sprout Soup, birthday dinner for my sister

The meal planning lesson for this week is: cook extra meat to use in dishes later in the week.

Finally, if you haven't had enough video in this post, here's an interview I did with a Hallmark greeting card writer during my trip to Blissdom.